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Analysis of the application of resistive touch screen monitor

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Nowadays, most people need touch screen will choose resistive touch screen and capacitive touch screen. Due to the price advantage,resistive touch still occupies a large market share.

The resistive touch screen is controlled by pressure sensing. When the finger touches the screen, the two conductive layers have contact at the touch point position, and signals are generated in both X and Y directions, and then sent to the touch screen controller.

Resistive touch screen has 4-wire resistive touch and 5-wire resistive touch two type. It’s feature is high resolution, high speed transmission response, one calibration and high stability. So it’s widely use in POS touch system.

Whether it is a 4-wire resistive touch or a 5-wire resistive touch, they are not afraid of dust and moisture. It can be touched with any object and can be used for writing and drawing. It has a wide application.

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