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At the 124th Canton Fair, which opened on October 15th

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    At the 124th Canton Fair, which opened on October 15th, a “Conference Artifact” – Hisense’s full-smart smart touch panel was unveiled, which aroused the interest of many visitors. The scene became a “traffic duty”. . This artifact, known as "human-computer interaction black technology", was independently developed and manufactured by Chinese home appliance giant Hisense and has been popular in the market since its launch last year,which can widely used in KTV touch screen monitor.

KTV touch screen monitor

    Nowadays, the large screen of touch has gradually become the mainstream configuration of conference rooms KTV karaoka monitor, and Hisense's products are in the leading position in the industry in terms of display, touch karaoka monitor and sound effects . Not only that, but its writing fluency is extremely high, the naked eye can hardly see the delay, the handwriting is like writing in a pen and paper, and the level of refinement is amazing, even if the lines like a toothpick can be perfectly presented. "Human-computer interaction black technology" is not just about talking, palm erase, two-finger zoom, drag and drag, etc. are very user-friendly, both human and convenient.

  “This full-scenario smart touch tablet integrates functions of various hardware such as projection, screen, whiteboard, and TV, and liberates users who have been deeply troubled by traditional whiteboards and wiped their feet.” According to field staff, This product also meets the most common screen needs in the conference room, KTV touch screen monitor to big screen to change current small size. In the past, if the content on the computer was to be displayed on the projection, it was necessary to pass the connection line. Now, with Hisense’s “Conference Artifact” – Hisense’s full-screen smart touch panel and Hisense’s screen-screen treasure, you can get rid of the constraints of the connection line. Wirelessly put computer content on the big screen display, making the conference experience more convenient and comfortable.
Relying on years of technical accumulation in the display field, Hisense established Commercial Display Co., Ltd. in 2017 to formally enter the emerging commercial display industry. Deeply cultivated independent technology research and development, deeply integrated into artificial intelligence, the future Hisense commercial display will continue to break the boundaries of the industry, bringing people a smarter, more convenient meeting experience. It will push the progress of KTV karaoka monitor.

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