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CEBIT has e-ports special area , do you find a new market ?

0 Shenzhen Hopestar Sci-tech Co.Ltd 2018-10-08 16:10:14

    2018 , CEBIT exhibition in Germany set a brand new area , E-ports area .  
With the development of network and economy , people pay more attention on the entertainment . E-ports of cause become a new popular trend .
gaming monitor
    The E-ports area obtain many new technology , like gaming monitor , gaming mouse , gaming keyboard , Special gaming PC. other equipment for gaming , and software for gaming .  

    If you are a real export in gaming , you will know POG gaming monitor , which use 3M touch technology , IR touch monitor . Now this gaming machine has a big market in US and Europe .  Most distributors buy open frame monitor for the gaming machine.  

    If you want to find a new and attractive market , you can see around in CEBIT exhibition , You will see more gaming products . Gaming monitor with new technology ,  4K 144HZ gaming monitor is also very hot . 

    CEBIT will bring us a new word , which full with digital and network ,  gaming monitor is just a start , we will see more different professional customized monitors in the fair .  Hopestar is a professional industrial LCD monitor solution provider , know more information , please visit :

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