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    Not long ago,some “fear factor”specialists said that there will a new disease called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome happen because of The excessive use of QWER keyboard. But now,we do not need worry it any more,not because of the requirement of HMI reduced,but there is another better option human have,that is lcd touch monitor.

    With the development of science and technology ,the role of QWER keyboard has been replaced by touch screen. Briefly speaking,there are two type touch way. One is using the customized professional touch key,via a plastic touch file,which can make the surface clean,for example,the touch key on the microwave oven. The another is the popular touch lcd screen,it using on many application area because of  its high performance.

There are two reasons which cause the touch screen have a faster development. First,the application of smart phone and car console brings the  technical “s improvement and production,meanwhile,the cost come to very low.Besides,the touch screen make the operation  more flexible. Because the touch screen monitor can make the Dynamic Reconfiguration available,thus the screen can display different soft key at each step.

    Nowadays,people prefer to use the touch screen because its better performance such as on tablet pc, ATM,industrial control station, We believed touch lcd monitor will be the mainstream soon,especially on Security and Smart home area. More information,pls visit

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