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E-sports black technology, Hopestar new frameless gaming Monitor

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In 2018, e-sports were almost everywhere. From low-cost LED monitors to professional framesless gaming monitor, from traditional Internet cafes to foreign-style esports towns. From a hobby to e-sports and management, from the Asian Games to represent the country, to the attention of the whole people caused by the gold medal,  E-sports development gradually forming a perfect e-sports ecosytem.

The popularity of e-sports has driven the development of the frameless gaming monitor, and the frameless gaming monitor has become the main line of development for almost all led monitor manufacturers. Each brand talks about led gaming monitor. ASUS ROG, AOC's love attack, Philips's violent, etc. The mainstream led monitor manufacturers have clearly defined their strategic layout for the e-sports market, trying to divide the e-sports. Big cake.

frameless gaming monitor

It is based on this background that the led gaming monitor giant, Hopestar cannot be ignored by e-sports. On September 4th, more than 10 kinds of  led frameless monitors were released, which also set a record in the history of new products for frameless gaming monitor. Hopestar incorporates the four elements of “light, color, competition and shape” to design the specifications and colors of the led gaming monitor. That help the esports player to win more victories. 

led gaming monitor

It is worth mentioning that there are many "hard goods" in these 10 series of led frameless gaming monitor. Such as: HD27S, the screen ratio is as high as 92.5%, almost no such screen-like monitor without edge . With 2K resolution + HDR display technology, covering 98% AdobeRGB color gamut, making the game screen vivid, refresh rate reaches 144Hz, and supports AMD Freesync technology, so that the game screen no longer has stuck, delay and so on. It is a super widescreen gaming monitor. It supports PIP+PBP split screen technology and has a broader game horizon. With up to more than 10 kinds of new products, there is always a led frameless gaming monitor for you.

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