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Infared Industrial Touch Monitor Technology

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Infared Industrial Touch Monitor Technology ,consists of infrared transmitting and receiving sensing elements mounted on the outer frame of the touch screen. Then the infrared detecting net is formed on the surface of the screen,. Any touch object can change the infrared rays on the contacts to realize touch screen operation. The realization of the infrared touch screen is similar to that of the surface acoustic wave touch, which uses infrared transmitting and receiving sensing elements. These components form an infrared detection net on the surface of the screen, and an object (such as a finger) that is touch-operated can change the infrared rays of the electric shock, and is converted into a coordinate position of the touch to achieve an operational response. In the infrared touch screen, the circuit board device arranged on the four sides of the screen has an infrared transmitting tube and an infrared receiving tube, corresponding to form an infrared matrix which is horizontally and vertically intersected.

Up to now, infared touch technology is of the 5th generation. It is ideal for large-size display touch solutions, transforming large-size LCD, PDP, and rear projection displays into a large interactive display device. The effect of the infared touch on the sharpness of the picture is very tiny. Without any protected glass on the surface, the effect on the definition of the display is reduced to zero. The user can use any object to make a touch on the surface of the touch screen no need to worry about the touch of the surface or the coating being scratched.

Infared touch and computer and large-size display can build the best interactive system, and a real-time, interactive and efficient conference system with network or ordinary telephone line. It can be applied to KTV on-demand system, ATM, ticket vending machine, industrial control. , medical equipment and other fields.

Our company's conventional size of Infared Industrial Touch Monitor is 10~27inch , suitable for KIOSK, ATM, VOD, KTV songs, KTV concerts, bars, game consoles, industrial control, medical equipment, vender machine, multimedia inquiries, POS machines, Automated ticket sales, public reception, government applications, securities, education, military and other fields.The large size is 32 ~ 150inch, suitable for large-size displays such as PDP, LCD, rear projection, etc., used in video conferencing systems, exhibition promotion, electronic maps, electronic whiteboards and other fields.

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