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    According to Taiwan media reports, Innolux recently released a new patent for the capacitive screen invention: DST technology (Deep Sensing Technology), Yang Qiulian of the Innolux Technology Development Office said that Innolux will use DST touch in the LCD TID (touch in display) and OEM industrial monitor. The special electrode design is used to simulate the 3D multi-finger multi-step pressing touch, which combines the dual advantages of capacitive touch and resistive touch.

    According to reports, the DST technology principle is designed for special electrodes in the glass to detect the difference in capacitance under the contact pressure. At the same time, the 2D multi-finger pressing position and the pressing pressure depth report data are performed. DST technology can greatly improve intuitive accuracy and operational efficiency compared with traditional planar addressing plus compression time simulation depth.

    According to Innolux, DST capacitive screen technology can solve the problem of the normal use of capacitive screens by doctors wearing sterile disinfecting gloves in the medical field. It can be operated on medical X-ray displays or on flat screens or OEM open frame monitor with electromagnetic shielding. Solve the problem of using a capacitive screen for high-voltage electric maintenance engineers wearing heavy insulation gloves. It can basically replace the previous capacitive screen. It has to adopt a resistive screen scene with a limited service life, which can be widely used in medical treatment or insulation. New areas such as demand factory industry.

    In addition, DST's new capacitive screen technology can also broaden the new functions of the traditional capacitive screen use scene, such as music software can be arranged on the mobile phone or tablet or OEM open frame monitor, you can have multi-finger and strong tone changes; In the field of competition, it is possible to simulate a racing gamer who wants to add more horsepower. DST technology can provide different accelerations from one to five. In other words, the driver can choose super-high speed or slow speed to enjoy different levels of driving feel. Wait.

    Innolux believes that the successful development of DST technology is mainly to solve the problem that the conductor must be used to operate the capacitive screen in the past. It has eliminated the limitation of capacitive screens in many industries, greatly expanding the use of capacitive screens, which can be capacitors. Screen technology opens up a larger application market.

    Innolux Yang Qiulian pointed out that it plans to launch DST touch products from small and medium-sized product customers. In the future, DST will be combined with curved LCD technology to develop market-diversified products such as consumer electronics, automotive, aerospace, IT and special OEM industrial monitor applications. Provide customers and consumers with a better and more intuitive experience and choice.

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