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Technical improvements of full hd touchscreen monitor

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    Industrial touchscreen monitor is widely used in public facilities nowadays. Concerning special temperature and environment, resistive touch screen with strong anti-interference ability is popular in this market for a long time. But along with widely usage of interactive touch device, single-point touch resistive touch screen is not enough for normal life. Therefore, people start to look for new replacement.

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    From the touch principle of IR touch type(Infrared Touch Screen Technology), we know that its touch function will be influenced by strong light. Because of its limited usage environment, market share of IR touchscreen monitor is far less than resistive/capacitivie touch screen. With the improvements of touch technology, the fifth generation of full hd ir touchscreen monitor comes out. It has high resolution 1000×720 and stronger anti-light interference, which means it could work well under sunlight. More importantly, there is an essential leap in product life and maintenance-free performance.

    Infrared sensor touch screen monitor is suitable for a variety of non-open-air unknown use object. Inductive media for infrared touch screens are anything that blocks light, such as fingers, pens, small sticks, etc. It has strong anti-attack function and could be used in different environment. Its another advantage is completely maintenance free after installation. 

    Therefore, the new infrared touch technology will have a very significant impact on the domestic and international markets. Though now most market share of industrial monitor is still in foreign panel suppliers’ hand, new generation of ir panel is possible to battle with them based on its stable quality and competitive price.

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