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The capacitive projection touch monitor

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The capacitive projection touch monitor, has become more professional, multiple, Three-dimensional and diverse. Nowadays, people need to obtain a variety of public information. The public information transmission system using capacitive touch screen technology as an interactive window introduces various information to people intuitively and visually, using text, image, music, commentary, animation, video and other forms. Bring great convenience.

Capacitive touch screen technology has brought tremendous changes to the consumer electronics field. The interface of the device has become easier to use, and the physical touch can be converted into digital code by simply touching the finger.

It can be foreseen that with the rapid development of capacitive touch screen technology ,the capacitive touch screen will play an important role in the popularization of computer technology, the application field of the touch screen will become wider and wider as well as the performance will be better and better. Learning development trend of touch screen technology is very necessary for every touch monitor suppliers. 

In terms of current market development, in the next few years, projected capacitive touch monitor will be more popular. As the price gap between capacitive and resistive touch screens is shrinking. The application of capacitive touch screen technology is not only for the touch screen of small-sized handheld devices, but in PC-related fields such as mice and keyboards, even home appliances, Kiosks, and life-related various types. Due to the wider application range, capacitive touch screen technology is widely optimistic, and it is believed that capacitive touch will replace resistive touch as the mainstream of small-sized panel applications.

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