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The Operating Principle of Resistive Touch Screen Monitor

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   The resistive touch is controlled by pressure sensing. The main part of the resistive touch screen is a resistive film screen that is very compatible with the surface of an industrial monitor. This is a multi-layer composite film with a layer of glass or hard plastic as the base layer. The surface is coated with a transparent oxidized metal (transparent conductive resistor) conductive layer, which is covered with a layer of outer surface hardened, smooth anti-scratch plastic layer, and its inner surface is also coated with a coating, there are many small transparent isolation points between them separate the two conductive layers from each other.

   When the finger touches the screen, the two conductive layers have contact at the touch point position, the resistance changes, and signals are generated in both the X and Y directions, and then sent to the touch screen controller. The controller detects this contact and calculates the position of (X, Y), which then operates according to the way the mouse is simulated.


  Today ,we mainly talk about two kinds of resistive touch screen monitor . That is Four-wire resistive and five-wire resistive touch screen monitor . 

  1. Four-wire resistive screen

   The four-wire resistive analog technology works with a constant voltage of 5V per layer: one vertical direction and the other horizontal direction. A total of four cables are required.

  Features: High resolution, high speed transmission response. Surface hardness treatment to reduce scratches and chemical treatment. With smooth and matte finish. One calibration, high stability, never drift.

  2.Five-wire resistive screen

 The base layer of the five-wire resistive touch screen puts the voltage fields in both directions on the conductive working surface of the glass through the precision resistor network. We can simply understand that the voltage field time division work in both directions is added to the same working surface. The outer layer of nickel-gold conductive layer is only used as a pure conductor, and the position of the touch point is measured by a method of detecting the X-axis and Y-axis voltage values of the inner ITO contact point after touch. The inner layer of ITO of the five-wire resistive touch screen requires four leads, the outer layer is only used as one conductor, and the touch screen has five lead wires.

  Features: high resolution, high speed transmission response. High surface hardness reduces  scratches and chemical resistance. 30 million contact points at the same point are still available. The conductive glass is the medium of the substrate. One calibration, high stability, never drift. Five-wire resistive touch screen has high price and high environmental requirements.

  Whether it is a four-wire resistive touch screen or a five-wire resistive touch screen, they are a completely isolated working environment for the outside world. They are not afraid of dust and moisture. They can be touched by any object. They can be used for writing and drawing, which is more suitable for industrial control. And the use of limited people in the office. The common disadvantage of resistive touch screens is that because the outer layer of the composite film is made of plastic material. If some people who didn’t know that uses a sharp to touch may scratch the entire touch screen and cause scrapping.


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