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Touch screen monitor display technology is a new human-computer interaction input mode, compared with the traditional keyboard and mouse input mode, touch screen input is more intuitive.In order to meet the market needs of customers, has developed a multi-touch screen display, with recognition software, touch screen can also achieve handwritten input.The touch screen consists of a detecting part mounted in front of the display screen and a touch screen controller.When a finger or other object touches the touch screen installed at the front of the display, the touch position is detected by the touch screen controller and sent to the host through the interface.

The multi-functional intelligent board, together with the computer and the projector, forms a large touch screen. The screen of the computer is projected onto the intelligent board through the projector. The pointer or finger replaces the mouse to operate the computer on the intelligent board and control Windows or Macintosh and its application software.

According to the medium used and working principle, touch screen can be divided into resistance type, capacitance type, infrared type and surface acoustic wave type four.Touch screen is gradually upgraded and developed from low grade to high grade: from resistance type, infrared type to capacitive induction type and surface acoustic wave type.

Capacitive touch screen preads a transparent metal layer on the glass plate as a conductive body, and there are narrow and long electrodes on the four sides of the touch screen, forming a low voltage ac electric field in the conductive body.When a finger touches the metal layer and a conductive object touches it, the capacitance of the contact will be changed. The current from the four electrodes will flow to the contact. The controller can determine the position of the touch through the current.Because capacitance varies with temperature, humidity or grounding, its stability is poor and drift often occurs.

Resistive touch screen is basically the structure of the film with glass, when touching film lower ITO will come into contact with the glass of the upper ITO, via a message in the sensors, then from the controller to the computer side, by the driver into the X and Y values on the screen, and click on the finish, and rendered on the screen.

Infrared touch screen is equipped with infrared ray transmitter and infrared ray receiver in pairs around the screen. The receiver receives the infrared ray emitted by the transmitter and forms an infrared ray matrix.When the finger is pressed on the screen, the finger blocks the infrared ray, so that the information is sent to the host in the X and Y directions.

Rising with the smartphone and tablet market position, touch screen industry is driven become a sunrise industry, but with more and more companies entering the market, the industry competition is increasingly intensified, profit margins have been compressed, touch screen is more volatile stock market, but by the state of the low-end smartphone market hot, there is still a good chance in the future market.

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