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TPK nano silver wire touch products lead the future of the industry

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    As the entire electronics industry began to build the "5G+8K" ecological environment, a technology upgrade around the new touch display industry was slowly unveiled. With the support of various high-speed chips, many problems in the touch display industry like KTV touch screen monitor have begun to be controlled by the original system, and the direction of material technology breakthrough has been further advanced.

    Among all new material technologies, nanomaterials are the newest materials with the deepest research and the fastest application in recent years. The nanowire is defined as a one-dimensional structural material having a lateral limitation of less than 100 nm (with no limitation in the longitudinal direction). On this scale, nanowires have quantum mechanical effects and are therefore also referred to as "quantum wires, which would be widely used in karaoke monitor.

karaoke monitor

    In the "5G+8K" ecological environment, the current main directions of the touch display industry include 3D surface display, flexible display and oversized display. With the breakthrough in materials and process technology in the panel industry like in KTV touch screen monitor, these three display devices have already appeared in the field of public.

    Among them, 3D surface display has been widely used in smart phones, watches, wristbands, car displays karaoke monitor and high-end home appliances. Flexible display is developing on large-format TVs, foldable mobile phones, tablets, computers, etc. It is expanding in the field of large-scale TVs, public displays, and electronic whiteboards that are 65 to 110 inches. Behind the success of these products, almost all benefit from the breakthrough of new touch technology, so that the human-computer interaction function of these display products can meet the various text, image, video and audio interaction requirements under high-speed network.

    TPK Yuhong said that after solving the problem of the photoelectric effect industry of nano-silver lines, with the advancement of mass production technology of touch display products, TPK has helped the display industry to break through the traditional planar size limitation and space size limitation. In the future, no matter whether the industry application puts forward any demand in the field of flexible touch and large touch products, TPK Haohong and Cambrios have already prepared for the industry, which can form huge capacity for the industry with high cost performance and low cost. Allow touch products to exceed large size limits and support 3D surfaces and folding. It would push the progress of KTV touch screen monitor to change currant condition of KTV lines.

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