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    Everything has tricks even for LED display screen, then Where's the secret to our Cnhopestar waterproof display monitor? Waterproof function is an essential work for some wet environment, so how to do a good job How to prevent it in indoor and outdoor displays? Next, explain the waterproof method of LED screen respectively.

    When we make LED display screen, the waterproof lcd monitor’s PCB board request well preservative treatment, such as its surface coated with yellow paint, etc. Appropriate ventilation can help the water attached to the display vapored quickly. Reducing the relative humidity of the indoor environment.However, to avoid ventilation in some dry and humid weather, this will aggravate indoor humidity. 

    In the process of using the our Hopestar waterproof display screen monitor, the back of LED display screen is not only for cooling, but also for water-proofing, which has great convenience. When dealing with the waterproof coating on the back, more attention should be paid to the waterproof performance of the metal case panel with small strips on the back. Electric drill should be used to design a row of water outlets under the metal case panel, which is not only conducive to the waterproof of the display screen, but also conducive to the heat dissipation of the display screen.

    Based on above tricks, that’s why our Cnhoprstar waterproof lcd monitor can achieved IP65 even IP67 waterproof grade, with the development of technology, believe that the waterproof grade will be better than now. After all, the waterproof function is much important in some applications areas.

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