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The differences between capacitive touch monitor and resistive touch monitor

0 Shenzhen Hopestar Sci-tech Co.Ltd 2018-12-19 16:43:09

    Resistive touch screen, commonly known as "soft screen", is mostly used in Windows Mobile phones;Capacitive touch screens, commonly known as hard screens, are used in devices like the iPhone and the G1.

    1. Resistive touch screen: pressure is needed to make all layers of the screen contact. Fingers (even with gloves), nails and stylus can be used for operation.Stylus support is important in the Asian market, where gestures and word recognition are valued.

    2. Capacitive touch screen: the slightest touch from the surface of a live finger can activate the capacitive sensing system below the screen.Inanimate objects, nails, gloves do not work.Handwriting recognition is more difficult.

    Three, precision,

    1. Resistance touch screen: the accuracy is at least a single display pixel, which can be seen with the stylus.It is easy to recognize handwriting and helps operate under an interface that USES small control elements.

    2. Capacitive touch screen: the theoretical accuracy can reach several pixels, but it is actually limited by the contact area of fingers.This makes it difficult for users to accurately click on targets less than 1cm2.

    Four, cost,

    1. Resistive touch screen: very cheap.

    2. Capacitive touch screens: capacitive screens from different manufacturers are 10% to 50% more expensive than resistive screens.That extra cost doesn't matter for flagship devices, but could deter mid-priced phones.

    Five, multi-touch feasibility

    1, resistance touch screen: impossible, unless the resistance screen and the machine circuit connection.

    2. Capacitive touch screen: depending on the implementation mode and software, it has been implemented in the technical demonstration of G1 and iPhone.Version 1.7t of G1 is already available to implement multi-touch features in browsers.

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